The art of law

When you blend intuition, intelligence and ingenuity with facts, argument and experience, you elevate your craft to an art. In law there isn’t one right answer. No black and white. The best results come from understanding–and taking advantage of–the nuances and grey areas. The sophistication and complexity of our files demands the mind and hand of an artist, not a technician.

Clients come first

You’re our priority, whether you’re a multinational pharmaceutical company or a first-time home buyer. We listen. Respond after hours. Avoid legalese. Keep you informed. Help with tough decisions. And host the kind of Christmas party that will get 500 people out in a snow storm. Not every case wins. But almost every case results in a referral.

Efficient results

Everything we do is driven to get you the results you’re looking for as quickly as possible–no unnecessary delays or needless complexity. We’re strategic thinkers who aren’t afraid to re-evaluate the plan when circumstances change. The outcome is a financially responsible, effective solution created just for you.

Innovative solutions

We’re a progressive, younger firm with the energy and creativity needed to bring the toughest files to a fair resolution. Ask us whether we’d prefer a simple slam dunk or a case that forces us to work harder and push ourselves further than we ever have before and the answer is easy. Bring on the challenge.

One-stop, non-stop service

With 30 practice areas and full corporate and litigation teams, we can take care of all your legal needs, from incorporation to succession planning, shareholder disputes to wrongful dismissal suits. Our team approach means higher quality strategy and results. Plus, there’s always someone working on your file, even when “your lawyer” is on vacation.

Community roots

Scarfone Hawkins started as a small corner store law firm in 1975. Today, we’re one of the top firms in the city–and we’re here to stay. From the local art on the walls of our downtown Hamilton office to our significant support of community-based causes, we’re proud to be part of the economic, social and cultural revival of the region.
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