“What makes any great symphony or Top 40 hit is not only the notes that the artist plays—the notes they don’t play matter, too. With law it’s the same. A great outcome for the client means being selective about the legal tools you’ll use and the ones you’ll reserve.” - Andrian Lozinski

Andrian Lozinski Associate

A former small business owner, educator and acclaimed musician, Andrian Lozinski draws on his life experiences to understand the practical realities of his corporate and commercial clients’ needs and develop effective solutions. He’s both a big picture thinker and details guy, able to take the high-level abstraction of legal analysis and understand it in terms of the real-world implications for his client.

You might just dance a jig.

Andrian Lozinski was the fiddler in a world-renowned Celtic band. But that’s not what makes the clients at Scarfone Hawkins smile—it’s his ability to work with his team to achieve the best outcomes while successfully mitigating risks.

Andrian thrives in the complex environment of business law, whether it’s a real estate matter with complicated ownership interests or a dispute between parties that requires creativity and skillful negotiation to reach a resolution. “I enjoy learning about a variety of businesses and working in emerging areas where the law hasn’t been fully fleshed out,” he says. “It’s rewarding to navigate murky waters or tough regulatory environments with a client in order to achieve their business goals.”

There’s more than one string to Andrian’s fiddle, as they say. “I enjoy working on a range of areas of law,” he admits. “There’s always a way to apply your education and experience to a new legal matter and come up with a unique solution for the client.”

Not surprisingly, he’s a bit of an improviser—and not just on stage. “There’s always a number of ways to achieve a goal,” he says. “It’s our job to see potential pitfalls and benefits and address the practical realities in new ways.”

Featured Work

In 2011, Andrian won the Aird & Berlis Prize in Contract Law and McMillan LLP Prize in Contract Law.

" Q: Artistic style that best represents your approach to law."

− A: “Progressive rock. It continues the tradition of the late great composers—diverse, long, complex pieces that resolve in a pleasing way—but applies new technology to it. It really mirrors the way I practice law. There are some archaic decisions from the late 1800s that are still in effect but now you have new tools, a new regulatory environment and new technologies like the Internet. Similar to a progressive rock band, we have to find a way to blend them to get a good outcome.”

" Q: Life lessons from music."

− A: “In a band, everyone has a distinct role to play. That’s the only way the music will sound great. You don’t want the drummer acting like the lead guitarist—the drummer’s there to play rhythm. It’s the same on every great team. Everyone has to do his or her job to achieve the ultimate goal.”

" Q: Greatest role model."

− A: “Leonardo da Vinci. If you look at his entire body of work, his time management skills were absolutely incredible!”