“Art goes beyond the nuts and bolts. It’s about applying principles to new circumstances and—in the case of the art of law—thinking beyond ‘the rules’ to issues of justice.” - Frank Pignoli

Frank Pignoli Associate

There’s no better b.s. detector than a judge, says civil and commercial litigator, Frank Pignoli. That’s why he makes sure clients of all sizes, from individuals to multinational corporations, get the the most diligently researched, carefully crafted and skillfully argued case possible.

Always prepared for the tough questions.

When it comes to legal disputes, the devil is in the details. And that’s why you want Frank Pignoli on your team.

Frank makes it his business to know yours, whether it’s structural steel, tender fruit farming, redeveloping contaminated land or ship recycling. Then he works with his team at Scarfone Hawkins to understand all the angles of the dispute, develop a detailed strategy, draft a compelling written argument and, when necessary, convince the judge of the merits of your case. “We’re fiercely loyal to our clients and motivated by their success,” says Frank. “No matter the circumstances, we’ve got you covered.”

Frank has advocated before the Federal Court, the Superior Court and Commercial List, as well as the Divisional Court and Court of Appeal. His areas of practice include insolvency and restructuring; director’s liability and shareholder disputes; employment and wrongful dismissal; patent and copyright infringement; environmental torts; real and personal property; banking and fraud; and regulatory and privacy matters. He also advises charities and not-for-profit organizations on regulatory, contract and corporate governance matters, including issues related to marketing, tax and estates.

He is inspired by the variety of civil and corporate litigation cases handled by Scarfone Hawkins. “The Golden Horseshoe is a hotbed for innovative business,” he says, with a calibre of cases to match. “I’ve done some of the toughest and most interesting litigation since coming here from Toronto.”

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" Q: Artistic style that best represents your approach to law."

− A: “Mid-century modern. It stands out. It’s sleek. Essential. There’s nothing extraneous, and everything functions as it’s supposed to within the whole. Plus it’s stylish. A lot of what’s out there in law is cookie cutter. I want judges and mediators to wake up when they see the thought I've put into the case.”

" Q: Favourite place to find inspiration."

− A: “I do some of my best thinking when I'm stuck in traffic. I don’t know that I’d call it inspiration—it’s more like problem solving. Going from a noisy thought process to clarity of understanding.”

" Q: Recent changes that are impacting your practice."

− A: “Clients are sophisticated and expect more from their law firm. They don’t want to pay for duplicate work or unnecessary delays. They don’t want the clock running every time they talk. They’re looking for the best service for the best value. That’s a good thing.”