“One of my favourite artists is Jean-Michel Basquiat. He knew the reason for every brush stroke and saw connections between them all. Law is like that. With experience you can see connections.” - Gareth Mattocks

Gareth Mattocks Associate

A corporate and commercial lawyer with a background in real estate, Gareth Mattocks draws on his years of experience working for developers in England and Canada when advising his clients, which include established businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals. His calm demeanor keeps the mood in the room light. His drive to deliver results regardless of the obstacles means clients get the right information at the right time to make critical corporate or personal decisions.

He knows what it’s like to be a client.

Gareth Mattocks has sat on both sides of the desk.

He spent years working as a development manager for land development companies, first in London, England and later in Vancouver. It was an experience that taught him the important difference between what a client needs and what a service provider values.

“Clients aren’t interested in the obscure piece of case law that I come up with,” he laughs. “They want to know what they should do that day. They want to know the practical impacts on their business.”

Gareth is a father to three rough-and-tumble boys under the age of six and the experience of raising children, he says, has positively impacted the way he practices law. “The number one lesson in parenting is patience,” he explains. “It applies at work, too. It’s a stressful environment, with requests coming non-stop from all directions. It takes patience and perseverance to keep pushing forward.”

For Gareth, the most memorable moments in his practice are those that make the biggest difference for his clients, not himself. “For me it’s not the big deals or huge developments that matter as much as the small ways we make people’s lives better,” he says. “We end up touching people at such important times in their lives.”

Featured Work

Gareth’s team provides comprehensive financing services for both lenders and borrowers involved in complex Canadian and cross-border transactions.

His real estate work includes all aspects of the purchase, development, lease and sale of commercial, residential and condominium properties.

Gareth drafts commercial agreements and is able to review and report on legal diligence and regulatory compliance. When it comes time for corporate clients to acquire or dispose of assets and shares, both in the U.S. and Canada, Gareth is there to assist

" Q: Words to live by."

− A: “My mom always used to say ‘practice makes perfect.’ To get good at anything, you have to put in the hours.”

" Q: Greatest role model. "

− A: “My parents. My dad was incredibly hard working—still is—and I barely saw him during the week. My mom stayed at home and was always there for us. Both influenced me.”

" Q: On TV lawyers."

− A: “I like to watch Suits, but it’s nothing like the practice of law. There’s never any paper anywhere and no one ever breaks a sweat.”