“Law, like teaching, medicine and writing, is an art. You can’t boil it down to a set of rules. You have to understand people, listen, assess risk, and know when to push—and when not to—so you can get the best result for your client.” - Jim Scarfone

James Scarfone Founding Partner

Jim Scarfone is a certified specialist in civil litigation with the Law Society of Upper Canada, an experienced mediator trained in the Harvard Method and has been named to the Best Lawyers in Canada list in personal injury since 2009. But what really makes Jim special is his big heart. He’s someone you can talk to. Confide in. And trust. And he’s passionate about getting results.

Leading with his heart.

Jim Scarfone has a soft spot for the little guy.

A results-driven trial lawyer who has been practicing since 1975, Jim’s heart goes out to clients who have experienced personal tragedies due to catastrophic accidents, medical malpractice, dangerous products and negligent advice. Their stories and struggles are strong motivators for his busy practice. “When I wake up and work on a file, money is the last thing on my mind,” Jim says. “I practice law to do the right thing by my clients with honesty, fairness and integrity. If I get the results, the financial part will take care of itself.”

If he’s thinking about money, it’s probably how he can make sure his clients don’t spend too much. “We try to be reasonable in how we approach things,” Jim says. “We have a passion for results, but not at all costs.”

A trained mediator, Jim can minimize costs, reduce risk and get results more quickly for his clients by looking for resolution outside of the courtroom. “Mediation isn’t easier than going to court for the lawyer,” Jim clarifies. “but it’s generally faster and less stressful for my clients. I’ve gained useful insights into the bargaining and negotiation process that I can apply to all my files.”

Jim coaches the new lawyers at the firm, setting a strong example for doing right and giving back. “When you do business law it can be a little clinical,” he admits. “Having me around brings a little heart and compassion to all we do.” The end result of his positive role modelling is a firm that consistently delivers high calibre, caring, client-centred service. “Our clients don’t just like us—they love us,” Jim says. “They know we give them the straight goods. And they always get a little extra.”

Featured Work

Jim successfully prosecuted a medical negligence case involving failure to provide informed consent for a ryzotomy procedure.

He successfully pursued a claim for damages due to negligence by a supplier of swimming pool parts and advice that resulted in the client suffering quadriplegia.

He negotiated a settlement for fatality damages for a family that had lost their child.

Jim was successful in securing chronic pain damages for a client with motor vehicle injuries.

" Q: Artistic style that best represents your approach to law."

− A: “Camille Pissaro, one of the first Impressionists. His paintings have that impressionist quality but there’s something emotional that engages you.”

" Q: Proudest moment. "

− A: “There isn’t just one. I’m proud—and honoured—to be a bencher. I was proud to be on the board of Theatre Aquarius. Then there’s my involvement with the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association. A small group of us met to discuss cases back in the 80s. We formed the association for plaintiff-only lawyers when the government decided to try to take away the rights of the little guy in the courts. Today there are 1800 lawyers and clerks that are part of it. It’s made all of the lawyers better.”

" Q: Your greatest role model."

− A: “He’s not the only one, but I’ll say Atticus Finch. He really demonstrated doing the right thing at all costs, and that’s hard for a lot of lawyers to do. The right thing may not be practical or easy.”