“Law is like a living organism. Lawyers have to constantly learn and adapt to keep up, but we can never fully know it. That’s the art of law: the constant need to evolve.” - Melissa Roque

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A corporate and commercial lawyer who grew up discussing construction projects around the family dinner table, Melissa Roque uses her knack for business and ability to explore every possible angle of a matter to help her clients achieve their business goals.

She won’t leave anything to chance.

One of Melissa Roque’s first tasks at Scarfone Hawkins was to perform due diligence on a large acquisition. The deal—and the client—benefited from her eagle eye.

“I’m a triple and quadruple checker,” Melissa admits. “It’s who I am as a person. My submitted product represents who I am, so it has to be my best.”

Melissa was an active debater in university and founded Brock’s moot club, but she never felt at home in a court room. “In litigation outcomes aren’t predictable,” she says. “I don’t like leaving anything to chance.”

She loves the open-door team atmosphere at Scarfone Hawkins, where every case is an opportunity to discuss issues and ask why. “The firm is young in its attitude and is constantly adapting to what’s new,” she says. “Gender parity, ethnic diversity, technology—the way we practice law isn’t the same as 50 years ago. At Scarfone Hawkins there’s no wall between the clients and the lawyers. We’re able to evolve as quickly as their ideas require.”

Featured Work

Jack Friedman Q.C. Book Prize in Land Development and Commercial Real Estate (2016)

" Q: Recent changes that are impacting your practice."

− A: “It’s not sexy, but artificial intelligence is having a huge impact on my area of law. There are computer programs that can research, predict outcomes and even shoot out a two- to three-page contract. These programs can help us be more efficient, but they don’t get the nuances or have the relationships and understanding that are so important to doing our jobs well.”

" Q: Life-changing experience. "

− A: “I built houses in El Salvador with Habitat for Humanity and volunteered at an orphanage for children in Namibia. It was eye-opening to see the poverty and vulnerability of so many people, especially women and children. I appreciate so much what I have. Even to go into extreme debt for education is a gift.”

" Q: Unofficial job title."

− A: “I’m a professional reader. All lawyers are—especially solicitors. Luckily I read fast and can retain it. It’s convoluted legal docs, not literature, but I still love reading.”