“The art of law means imagination, creativity, structure and result. That’s it.” - Mike Valente

Michael Valente Partner

Corporate and commercial litigator Mike Valente isn’t afraid to use his imagination to get the best and most cost-effective results for his clients. Named to the Financial Post Business Magazine’s Best Lawyers in Canada list, Mike provides a realistic assessment of each case and helps clients reduce their exposure to risk.

No-nonsense advice you can count on.

Michael Valente says people ask for his advice because he’s “long in the tooth.” But don’t be fooled by his humility—Mike is a trusted advisor because of an impressive legal career that’s spanned more than 25 years.

Mike’s goal is to provide his clients with a realistic assessment of risks and costs, both financial and emotional. “I’m a pragmatist,” he says. “Business disputes need business solutions. When you go to court, you get a solution mandated by a third party judge who may have done criminal law her whole career. Negotiation lets clients fashion their own outcome.”

His clients come in all sizes, from multinational corporations to small business owners. “We started with mom and pop shops and we’ve never turned our back on our roots,” he says. “Those clients keep us grounded.” He also acts on behalf of developers, builders, commercial landlords and tenants, franchisors and franchisees and individuals.

Depending on the case, he’ll be working closely with other professionals, including accountants, trustees, business valuation experts, land surveyors and planners. When clients have outside experts in place, Mike is a helpful addition to the team. When they don’t, he’s happy to make referrals.

And the referrals come full circle. Mike—like all the partners at Scarfone Hawkins—gets most of his clients by word of mouth. “People know we’re innovative and prepared to invest the time and energy to get results.”

Featured Work

Mike successfully persuaded a superior court judge to issue an injunction preventing a company from passing itself off as its competitor in the market place.

He represented a cross-border transportation company in a successful financial restructuring.

Mike successfully represented sub-trades in a multimillion dollar construction project to collect monies due and owing.

He represented a minority shareholder in an oppression remedy case that maximized the shareholder’s investment value.

" Q: Something about law that surprises you."

− A: “What never ceases to amaze me is the innovative ways that judges skirt long-standing law and even develop new law, depending on whether they’re sympathetic to your case or not. You have to be able to sell your client to a judge even if your client’s a multinational bank or developer who wants to expropriate farmland from three generations of farmers.”

" Q: On mentoring the next generation."

− A: “Today’s young lawyers are way smarter than us old guys. They all speak six languages and have been to Zanzibar and fly airplanes. Our legacy is to nurture and focus these young minds into the leaders of the legal profession of the future.”

" Q: Unofficial job title."

− A: “Team psychiatrist.”