“Law is an art. Every case that crosses your desk is completely different. You have to be fluid, pay attention to the intricacies and craft something original for each file.” - Natalie Porcaro-Clermont

Natalie Porcaro-Clermont Associate

The team-focused approach at Scarfone Hawkins isn’t just the best way to get results for clients—it’s an excellent way to mentor young associates like Natalie Porcaro-Clermont. She’s certainly learning the firm’s style. “We’re efficient,” she says. “We’ll figure out how to get you what you need, when you need it.”

The solutions gal.

It wasn’t long ago that Natalie Porcaro-Clermont’s husband did the laundry—and turned all her work clothes pink. She knew getting mad wouldn’t change anything, so she salvaged what she could and then went shopping.

It’s an unlikely anecdote for a lawyer’s bio, but it describes Natalie’s philosophy as a young associate at Scarfone Hawkins. When things get stressful or she’s faced with a surprise, Natalie stays positive and solution-focused. “I’ve learned to be really easygoing and this flexible approach to my personal life has also served my practice,” she says. “It allows me to adapt to each client’s needs, as well as assist them with their unique legal issues—usually in time-pressured situations.”

Most lawyers decide early on if they’re corporate lawyers or litigators. Natalie could see herself doing both, but a passion for drafting airtight agreements has kept her out of the courtroom. “I love to craft an agreement from just a few terms,” she says. “I enjoy brainstorming all the things that could go wrong and then figuring out how I can prevent or remedy them.”

Featured Work

Natalie is part of a team that regularly acts for lenders and borrowers in a variety of complex domestic, cross-border and multi-jurisdictional financing transactions, including syndicated lending, equity financing and secured lending involving traditional and specialty assets.

Natalie has advised clients with respect to the acquisition, disposition, lease and development of all types of real property, including commercial, residential and condominium properties.

Natalie has assisted small- and mid-sized private companies in connection with the purchase and sale of assets and domestic and U.S. shares. She also routinely drafts commercial agreements, provides legal diligence review and reports on regulatory compliance issues.

" Q: Personal quality that’s served you well."

− A: “I try to bring positivity to every situation I’m in. Part of that is being solution-oriented. The milk is spilled. So how do we clean it up?”

" Q: On Hamilton."

− A: “I love the city. We’ve become a real hub for artists, foodies and young professionals, but Hamilton has this gritty edge that you don’t find in other cities. I love that about it. It feels real.”

" Q: Your greatest role model."

− A: “My parents. They’re business owners and they taught my brother and I that if you put your head down and work hard, when you look up you’ll see success.”