“With art, you don’t often see the time and dedication it takes to create something exceptional. Law is like that. Clients don’t see the work it takes to make their agreements and transactions clear, simple and trouble-free. And they don’t need to. They should just enjoy the final product.” - Patrick Mc Ilhone

Patrick Mc IlhoneAssociate

A corporate commercial lawyer with a soft spot for the entrepreneur and local business owner, Patrick Mc Ilhone can’t help but see the risks and pitfalls involved in starting and running a business—and that’s precisely what makes him an asset to his clients. He won’t crush your entrepreneurial spirit. But he will make sure your business is organized properly and your interests are safeguarded, so you can make business decisions with confidence.

His job is to protect your business.

First, about that last name. It’s pronounced “mack-ill-hone.” And yes, the space between the ‘c’ and the uppercase ‘I’ is supposed to be there.

A Niagara native who is happily putting down roots in the core of Hamilton, Patrick is involved in transactions of all kinds, from incorporating businesses, drafting contracts with suppliers and helping first-time property buyers, to the sale and financing of multimillion-dollar corporations and real estate.

“These are the businesses we shop at, eat at and see on local billboards,” Patrick says.
“We have a real investment in their success, and we can help them from top to bottom.”

Patrick’s instinct is to protect his clients’ businesses for the long-term. “Clients shouldn’t have to worry about the technicalities of their lease or corporate compliance or be in the dark about their legal liability for making certain decisions,” Patrick says. “That’s my job. My passion is law. Their passion is their business. My focus allows them to focus.”

At Scarfone Hawkins, there are no excuses and no delays—something that impressed Patrick from the start. “Things start happening for clients immediately, and you don’t have to be the squeaky wheel or a big name client to be treated with a high level of care and efficiency.”

Featured Work

Patrick has participated in the incorporation, purchase and sale of bars, restaurants, retailers, software companies and other local businesses.

" Q: Personal quality that’s served you well. "

− A: “I always want clients to know what’s going on—what to expect and when they’re going to hear from me. They hire me so they don’t have to worry, not so they have to add what I’m doing or not doing to their worry list.”

" Q: Top tip for clients. "

− A: “Ask before you act. Your lawyer may be able to point out a problem with what you want to do, or ensure you can do it with confidence.”

" Q: Favourite way to stay on top of changes in the profession. "

− A: “I’m not a litigator, but I like to read litigation decisions so I can learn what not to do. Why did the matter go to court? What was the outcome? And how can I make sure that doesn’t happen to my clients?”