“When you’re in school you think the law is black and white. But it’s not. Especially in corporate law, there’s always another way to draft an agreement. Plus, our clients are always breaking new ground, seeing how far we can push the boundaries. That makes law an art.” - Erin Guyitt

Erin Guyitt Associate

A self-declared details person, Erin Guyitt is exactly the person you want working on your real estate file, whether you’re building a multi-million dollar condo project or selling the family home. She’s easy to work with, process-oriented and uses her eagle eye to make sure documents are perfect—because she knows how important a well-executed file is to your time-sensitive, high-stakes transactions.

With you from start to sale.

Maybe Erin Guyitt was a developer in a past life.

With an undergrad degree in social development studies and an early career working in all areas of law, including family, she never imagined herself as a commercial real estate lawyer. But it didn’t take long in her role at Scarfone Hawkins for Erin to realize that real estate was a perfect fit.

“I love being part of projects every step of the way,” she says. “I’m helping clients when they’re negotiating to buy the land, then I’m dealing with planners, the municipality, surveyors, cleaning up title to the lands all the way through to drafting purchase and sale agreements.” Her proudest moments are driving past developments she’s helped to build.

Never one to shy away from big projects—one of her favourite files is still ongoing after four years—Erin appreciates the hard-working, team-oriented approach at Scarfone Hawkins. “There’s a whole team working on your file,” Erin says. “Clients can feel confident that their work is our priority and nothing will get missed.”

Featured Work

Erin played an instrumental role in the provision of numerous title opinions in support of various large-scale financing, leasing, restructuring and purchase and sale transactions.

She participated in all stages of the development and sale of various subdivision and condominium projects in Hamilton and the GTA for major developers.

She successfully completed numerous land title applications, including large scale properties, for the purpose of sales and development.

" Q: Favourite place to find inspiration for your work."

− A: “It’s inspiring when I’m driving around the city and see all the projects I’m working on come to life, or when I’m with my family and we drive past a completed project and I can say, ‘That’s one of the projects we worked on”

" Q: A personal quality that’s served you well "

− A: “I tend to get along with everyone. People say I’m approachable and, on the flip side, I’m comfortable approaching others.”

" Q: Favourite way to stay on top of changes in the profession."

− A: “As a solicitor, I don’t usually get opportunities to meet lawyers outside the firm face-to-face. That’s why I love seminars. They’re a great opportunity to engage in discussions and ask questions about issues you’ve been having”