“I’ve seen a lot of different techniques and approaches over my 40-plus years of practice. Maybe that’s the art of law. There’s no one way to get to that goal line. Or is that the art of football?” - Don Hawkins

Donald Hawkins Founding Partner

Whether you’re a developing a $30 million subdivision or purchasing your first condo for $200,000, Don Hawkins is a fair-minded, goal-oriented lawyer who will get you results as quickly as possible. “Some lawyers are all about the process,” Don says. “For me, it’s about the outcome.”

Getting the ball across the goal line.

Don Hawkins has more than 40 years of experience working in commercial and residential real estate, and it’s taught him a thing or two.

“Clients know when you truly have their best interests at heart,” Don says. “I can be a grump and I sometimes get on their backs but they know they’re getting the straight goods from me.”

Don is careful to see files from the client’s point of view. Two priorities routinely stand out: clients are looking for excellent results that are achieved efficiently. As a business lawyer, Don is a firm believer that there has to be something on the table for both parties or positions will get entrenched and progress will stall. “My clients shouldn’t expect to take it all,” he says. “I negotiate hard for them but I also help them have realistic expectations.”

Don is proud of the developments he’s been involved in, which span from Mississauga to Parry Sound and Ellicottville to Kitchener-Waterloo. The most successful ones have been collaborative from the start, involving engineers, landscape architects, surveyors, planners, architects and accountants on the same team.

To Don, the size of a deal isn’t important. “The largest transaction I worked on was a $50 million land acquisition. But so what? Fifty million or 500 thousand, it’s the same thing. Just a few more zeroes. You still do the same quality of work.”

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" Q: Favourite place to find inspiration."

− A: “I get my day-to-day inspiration from the young lawyers that work here. I guess I was a whippersnapper at one time, too, but I find their enthusiasm revitalizes me.”

" Q: Personal quality that’s served you well. "

− A: “Honesty. People trust my word. I’ve heard them say, 'If it’s Hawkins giving the undertaking I’ll accept it.'”

" Q: Best way to stay on top of changes in the profession."

− A: “Lawyers are required to put in so many hours a year for professional development. I grumbled when it first started but it is an excellent idea.”